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Name for a young spunky irish terrier?

we have a 9 week old irish terrier and we cant think of a name. we thought about a few irish names and thought mabye we could translate a english name like spunky or brave into Gaelic. so any suggestions or translations please write!!! Thanks!

Name for a young spunky irish terrier?
Reply:Well there are alot most of the time people name there dogs somthing that sounds right then one day slip up and call it something else and thats its name forever this happens to almost all my dogs-shalou to Guber.Addakiss to Shaggy.Dutchess to runtrunt. So it is really up to you. I will give you some cool names.Irish and English.

Banbha (f) BAN uh va

B茅bh谩il BAY vawl

Dearbh谩il (f) DER val


Tulla TUL la

Tyrone tur OAN

Slaney SLAY nee

Donegal dun ee GAL



Bo-grandpas english setter name













I like those and good luck name hunting!!
Reply:How about Erin? But first, remember that she isn't going to be a puppy forever, so think about a name for a full-grown dog. Is your last name Irish? Vets often list animals by first and last name.

The site below has names with phonetic spellings, meanings, and a "listen" button.

Best of luck with the wee pup!
Reply:If you are Irish you could look to see what clan your last name falls into.

Casey means brave.

Colleen is very irish and means "Irish girl" (the only more Irish name I think is "Erin" which actually means "Ireland")

Enya (like the singer!) means "little fire"

Keitha means "female warrior"

Nelia or Neila means "champion"
Reply:Whatever you do, don't name it Spunky ;) It's such a common name...I can't believe all the dogs don't get confused.

I would name it something interesting. Citrus? Placenta? Kronk? Can't give any Irish ones though...:)
Reply:Fiona - Fair, white, beautiful

Aednat- Little fire

Cara - Friend

There are many more at the source below. Good luck!
Reply:Molly or Shannon immediately come to mind. Maybe Shamrock.

Why not name her after towns or counties in Ireland... like... Limerick, Tory, Kerry, Clare, Derry, Cork (Corky).
Reply:awww thats adorable! i have always loved the names murphy and riley for a dog! and they are very irish. hope i helpedd and goood luck :)
Reply:Spunky, just like Rocko's dog.
Reply:How about Seamus.Gaelic for James.
Reply:Xena -- warrior princess!!!
Reply:Conan O'Brien


good luck finding a name : )
Reply:Sancho! :)
Reply:I personal Like regean!!! I think u no wat i mean!! LOL!!! : ]

Here are some translations:

Aeveen - prompt; ready

Dillon - faithful companion

Keevin - beautiful and fair

Aidan - little fire

Donagh - brown warrior

Keevin; Kevin - friend; beloved

Aideen - jealousy

Donleavy - brown one of the mountain

Keir - dark; black

Alannah - my child

Donleavy - dark one of the mountains

Kelly - brave warrior

Alby; Alvy - white or world king

Donn - brown

Kennan - fair one

Anlan - great hound

Donnagan - brown one of the hound packs Kennedy - ugly head

Archu - hound of slaughter

Donnan - little brown one Kermit - liberty

Arlen - promise

Donnegan - brown

Kerry - decendant of the dark one

Aroon - my love

Donovan - dark brown; swarthy

Asna; Esna - musical sound

Doran - exiled person

Kevin - handsome and lovable

Asthore - my love Dorrie - dark man

Kiely; Kyla - graceful

Astoreen - my little love

Dougal - dark strander

Kieran - dark; black

Bannon - white or derived from woman

Douglas - black and blue/green/grey

Kirby - dark son

Banya - whiteness; paleness

Barra; Barry - short forms of Finbar

Dowd - dark; black

Baskin - red headed or round headed

Doyle - descendant of the dark stranger Larkin - cruel or fierce

Beccan - small Dualta - dark limbed Lassarina - flame wine

Beck - small Duane - descendant of the dark one Leanan - grey lad

Begley - little hero Dudley - dark man of the two sides Leigan - snow-haired

Bergin - robber; brigand Duff - black; dark Lia - grey

Berrin - white haired Dugan - dark lad Liadan - grey lady

Bevin - white lady Dunla - brown lady or lady of the fortress Loman - bare

Blair - dweller in the meadow Duvessa - dark lady of the waterfall Lorcan - cruel or fierce

Boand - cow-white (goddess) Eachan - a horseman Lowery - speaker

Brady; Bradigan - spirited Eamon - wealthy guardian Maccon - son of a wolf

Bran - raven Egan - little fiery one Macree - my heart

Branduff - raven-black Eileen - shining Macushla - my pulse

Branigan - raven Eltin - lively; nimble Madigan, Madden - little dog

Brenna - raven Enat - faithful; sincere Madreen - little puppy. Also slang for tramp or slob.

Bridget - one who is strong Enda - bird-like Mallan - lightning

Brogan - sharp-faced. Erin - name for Ireland Maloney - serves Saint John

Calhoun - resident of the woods Eveleen - beauty; radience Maolisa - servant of Jesus

Calvagh - bald Evgren - ray of sunshine; radiance of the sun Marcan - steed

Cana - wolf cub Fallon - leader Melvin - Irish chief

Canagan - wolf cub Feardorcha - dark man Milish - sweet

Canavan - black head Felan, Phelan - wolf Moira - bitter

Cara - friend Fennat; Finnat - fair haired lady Mungin - long haired

Carey - dark Fennore - white ghost Muriel - sea-white

Carlin - little victor Fergus - powerful and manly Murphy - hound of the sea

Carrick - dweller of rocky land Fidelma - ever good Murren - sea-fair

Casey - vigilant in war Filtiarn - lord of wolves Neely - victor

Cass - curly haired Finbar - white haired Neil - the champion

Cassan - curly haired Finian - white haired Nelson - son of the champion

Cassidy - bright, talented Finley - fair-haired soldier Nevin - worshiper

Catcheen - kitten Finnegan - little white haired one Nolan - noble

Ceara/Cara - fiery red Finnva - fair haired and good Nollaig - Christmas

Cian - ancient Finola; Fenella - white shoulders Ogan - little lad

Ciara/Kira - dark; black Fintan - white fire Olcan -

Clancy - red warrior Fionch谩n - shaggy Oran - grey-brown

Cochran - red lady Flann, Flannan - fiery red Oriana - golden girl

Colin - whelp Flannery - red eyebrows Orla - golden princess

Colleen - little girl Flannigan - fiery red Orna - grey-brown lady

Conall - strong as a wolf Flynn - bright red Orrin - fair skinned

Conan - hound Gallagher - lover of strangers Phelan - the wolf

Connell, Conial - brave; fierce as a hound Garrett - fearless spearman Pooka - mischievous sprite

Connery - wolf farmer Gillon - lad Quillan - little cub

Conor - lover of hounds Glasny - green, grey, grey-blue Quinlan - beautiful shape

Conry - king of wolves/hounds Glenda - lady of the valley Quinn - wise

Convel - wolf warrior Gorman - dark; swarthy Rafferty - wealthy, prosporous

Cooey - hound of the plain Gorman - small person with blue eyes Renny - small and powerful

Coovara - hound of the sea Gormley - blue or illustrious princess Riley - valiant warrior

Coovey - mead hound Gormula - grey servant Rohan, Rowan - red haired

Corcan, Corcran - red Grania - she who inspires terror Ronan - little seal

Corcoran - purple Guthrie - person who comes from breezy place Rory - red king

Creena - (my) heart Hanlon - champion Rosaleen - little rose

Cronan - dark; swarthy Hogan - fire Rosheen - little rose

Cronan - yellow; swarthy Hogan - little lad Ryan - little king

Cuan - hound; wolf Hogan - young Scully - town crier

CuChulainn - From "Hound of Cuchulainn," famous legend Hugh - fire Shane - God is gracious

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